movie Dead of the dead: Give up the ghost (2018) 1080p

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Title:Dead of the dead: Give up the ghost
Duration:30 min
Genre:Short, Horror
Director:Nicholas Kennedy
Writer:Charlez 'The Main Event' Battersby, Ray Deathdealer Turnbull, Nicholas Kennedy
Actors:Charlez 'The Main Event' Battersby, Nicholas Kennedy, Ray Deathdealer Turnbull
Summary:Dead of the dead: Give up the ghost is a short starring Charlez 'The Main Event' Battersby, Nicholas Kennedy, and Ray Deathdealer Turnbull. After 2 years of no food, the only chance to feast is to sacrifice the cult to provide to...


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Comments (6):

Ryan ComanGreat movie I seen it

Genvis MuçaI watched this tonight, speechless. I loved every single moment. I hope there’s a sequel, there must be.

Captain ResetHonestly brilliant film! This one has definetly gone under the radar. Must watch for sure.

Elias PerezI loved this movie. It was amazing.

gamesatom8This was amazing defenetly one of my favorite movies

Andi 1I have no words......i think only Genius can make movies like this one.

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